You can add any number of ads of any size at multiple positions via widget sections.

Demo of all Media types - Photo, Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook video, Soundcloud audio, Tweet, Instagram, Facebook post and quote

See the demo of all media types supported by Viralist.

  1. 1


    You can add photos to a Viralist list. The essential stuff.

  2. 2

    Youtube Video

    Yes, you can add youtube videos.

  3. 3

    Vimeo video

    Yes, you can add Vimeo videos too.

  4. 4

    Soundcloud audio

    You can add Soundcloud audios.

  5. 5


    One of Paul walker's last tweets. Miss you!
    Oh sorry! Yes, You can add Tweets too.

  6. 6


    You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae.

    Paul Walker

    You can add quotes.

  7. 7

    Facebook video

    A fun video on Parenting.
    Yes! It's a Facebook video.

  8. 8

    Facebook post

  9. 9

  10. 10

    Now, just a simple one with text.. No media and title..

    Well, Thats just a sample of what you can add to Viralist. Your imagination and the creativity of your users along with the power of Viralist will build your new Viral site.

    Go Viral! Be the next Buzzfeed!

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