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8 Wacky Winter Stunts that Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

It’s the winter time, and we have to assume the cold weather is causing some people’s brains to slow, which is the only way to explain the clips you’re about to see below. Take a look at 9 of the wackiest clips we’ve seen attempted in the cold.

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  1. 1

    Frozen Trampoline

    Watch this Minnesota man turn his trampoline into an ice block, just waiting to jump on

  2. 2

    Fat Guy Jumping on to Ice

    Fat guys walking on ice never gets old. The lengths that some people will go to get a laugh amaze me.

  3. 3

    Red Neck Shimmies His Way Across Frozen Lake

    It’s crazy how far this guy gets before he cracks the ice. Sometimes they say luck is more important than brains…

  4. 4

    Teenage Boy Goes for Leisurely Swim Under the Ice

    What was going through this guys head we’ll never know. In what looks to be one of the least safe winter stunts we’ve seen attempted, this guy pulls it off. Amazing.

  5. 5

    Crazy Russians Rescue Honda SUV from Frozen Lake with Wooden Crank

    The title says it all but we have to admire the ingenious wooden crank system these crafty russians jerry-rigged to pull the SUV from the lake. If only the driver were so smart…

  6. 6

    Mini Cooper Does a Back Flip in the Snow. Seriously

    I mean why wouldn’t you take your suped-up mini cooper up a snow ramp and attempt a back flip?

  7. 7

    Hockey Skates, Racing, and Ice Ramps

    Keeping the extreme theme alive, you’ll have to watch to see one of the craziest new extreme hijinks dreamed up in years.

  8. 8

    Russians Line Up to Ice Swim in -21 Degree Weather

    When it dips below freezing, I know the first thing I want to do is put on my swim suit and hop in line to swim in a frozen pool. But then again I’m not a crazy Russian. Enjoy!

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