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11 Things You Know Only If You’ve Been Best Friends For 10 Years

There are too many embarrassing stories to choose from. And you’re not afraid to use them.

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  1. 1

    Most of your conversations involve the phrase “remember that time when…”

    Source: HBO

    And 99% of the time it’s something incredibly embarrassing for the other person.
    “Remember that time when you vomited all over yourself at your own party? Yeah, it wasn’t as bad as that.”

  2. 2

    You can be brutally honest with each other.

    Source: AMC

    “Does my hair look OK?”
    “No, wash it.”

  3. 3

    Actually, you are totally comfortable doing pretty much anything together, really.

    Source: HBO
  4. 4

    You might get a teeny-weeny bit jealous when the other one makes a new close friend.

    Source: Channel 4

    But really you know no one is going to be better friends than you two. Besides, you trust their judgment, so this new friend is probably great.

  5. 5

    They practically blend into your family.

    Source: E4

    And your mum always asks how they are.

  6. 6

    It’s an unspoken rule that you hate all the same people.

    Source: Walt Disney
  7. 7

    If someone bitches about your BFF in front of you all hell will break loose.

    Source: FOX
  8. 8

    When someone asks you keep a secret, you assume telling your BFF doesn’t count.

  9. 9

    They have been there for you through all your major crises.

    Source: NBC

    From when that boy started ignoring your texts to the actually serious stuff.

  10. 10

    Over the years you’ve learnt all their favourite foods and when they’ll need them.

    To avoid drunk crying on a night out make sure BFF has at least six chicken nuggets at 3am.

  11. 11

    You can always tell when they’re lying.

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