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10 Images Scientists Captured In Deep, DEEP Space Will Make You Feel Terrifyingly Tiny

It's human nature to think that we are the center of the universe. While it would be great if that were true, it's sadly not the case. In the grand scheme of things, we humans barely even register. From any great distance, it would be impossible to pick out our sun from among the billions upon billions of stars in our galaxy and the universe at large.

Look at these photos of the wonderful, vast, and terrifying universe above you.

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  1. 1

    The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field photograph. Every point of light you see here is a galaxy as massive and diverse as our own Milky Way.

  2. 2

    This is a cluster of five galaxies known as Stephan's Quintet, or the Hickson Compact Group 92.

  3. 3

    And just a reminder...this is how big YOU are. (Well, how big Earth is.)

  4. 4

    ...compared to the sun...

  5. 5

    Inside this breathtaking nebula 7,500 light-years away, dozens of new stars are being born.

  6. 6

    You're viewing one of the oldest galaxies in the universe. Its stars formed about 200 million years after the Big Bang.

  7. 7

    These two neighboring galaxies look a bit like a rose because of the gravitational forces acting on them.

  8. 8

    11.5 million light-years away are these beautiful remnants of a supernova in the M82 galaxy.

  9. 9

    This massive black hole is located in the center of one of the smallest galaxies ever discovered.

  10. 10

    This picture shows a giant cluster of 3,000 young stars named Westerlund 2.


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